What is the purpose of Week Without the Web?

“We hope to use this week to learn more about how we communicate and how we can use the Web, and other resources, in our professional and personal lives. My hope is that by giving up the Web for five days this April, we will all come to have a more profound sense of its place in our lives.” – Dean Evan Cornog

What are the guidelines for participating in Week Without the Web?

Week Without the Web by definition involves spending a five-day period offline. Week Without the Web identifies the Web as email, web browsing, online shopping, social media, online databases, use of apps on Internet-ready devices, etc. Anything that you can get to without a wireless connection, such as phone calls and texting, is still fair game during the week. Faculty will distribute the official Week Without the Web rubber bracelet, wWeek Without the Web advises participants to start small when trying to “unplug”.

What can I look forward to during Week Without the Web?

The Week Without the Web will begin with keynote speaker Michael Hawley of MIT’s Digital Lab. That night, students can attend a “Back in the Day” themed kickoff party and Find Your Niche, a night of networking sponsored by PRSSA. Ed2010 will also be hosting a panel with magazine professionals, as well as an alumni event for interested students to attend on Wednesday 4/6 and Thursday 4/7. The week continues with film screenings- including the popular film the Social Network- and discussions to follow.  Some other things to look forward to throughout the week are the physical Facebook wall, a scavenger hunt, atrium table activities in the Student Center and many other activities to be announced!

How can I win the iPad 2?

To qualify for the iPad, participants must get a time stamp card for event check-in. Students will receive a stamp for each Week Without the Web event attended. The stamp is equivalent to a certain amount of hours spent offline. At the end of the week, the students with the most stamps (or events attended) will be entered into the drawing for the iPad. Runner ups will qualify to win their very own domain name from GoDaddy.com.

How will Week Without the Web affect my classwork?

The faculty in the School of Communication are prepared to give assignments that refrain from Internet use. However, professors have the option of choosing to not participate in their class. In addition, the Week Without the Web does not apply to classes outside of the School of Communication. In that case, we ask that students continue use the Internet to complete their assignments in a timely manner.

I have an internship/job that requires me to use the Internet. Can I still participate in WWW?

Week Without the Web only applies at Hofstra University. We do not suggest that students- especially those in web dependent positions- attempt to go without the Internet in a professional setting. Try instead to limit the amount of time you spend on social media sites or aimlessly browsing the web to see the impact it has on your life.

Why does Week Without the Web have a Facebook/Twitter?

Although the mission of the week is to go offline to appreciate the Web, Week Without the Web still recognizes that the Internet plays a key role in reaching a student audience. Without the Internet, we would not be able to promote Week Without the Web or interact with the School of Communication community. We understand the irony, but are fully prepared to bare that weight in order to get our message across.

Is there any way that I can help with Week Without the Web?

The Week Without the Web committee meets on Wednesdays at 8pm in Dempster 306. You can contact the committee chairs Nikki Croney and Briana DeLuca at http://www.hofstra@gmail.com.

If you have any questions or concerns about Week Without the Web, please feel free to email http://www.hofstra@gmail.com.


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